How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies. Just as a note to prospective students: While the competition is intense for all applicants, it is particularly intense for international applicants (applicants who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents of Canada). Every year we receive as many as fifty applications from visa students, but we are permitted only very few visa spaces (historically, only one at each of the MA and Ph.D levels). All international applicants to the program should be aware of how difficult it is to gain admission to the program and consider this fully before proceeding with the admissions process and paying the application fee.

  • Application Deadline: Sunday, December 15, 2019

You can find more information about what and when you need to apply on the Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies Admissions page.

York encourages you to apply online.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Admission Requirements:

International Students: refer to the international credentials information for your country
Recommendations3 Letters of recommendation (If possible, at least 2 should be academic)
Supplementary InformationPlease submit the following:

  • CV

  • Sample of academic writing (no more than 30 pages, examples include seminar paper, chapter from MA thesis, undergraduate essay, published article, work-related report or proposal).

  • Statement of intent (max. 1,000 words, based on answers to the following questions):

    1. What academic background do you bring to graduate work in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies?

    2. What aspects of your work and/or your personal experience will contribute to your graduate work in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies?

    3. Why do you want to work in an interdisciplinary Gender, Feminist and Women’s studies programme, rather than pursuing work in a disciplined-based programme?

    4. What do you anticipate will be the principle focus for your study and research in the Graduate Programme in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies? What are your main goals in pursuing this research?

  • On the Faculty of Graduate Studies Supplementary Information Form (Question #3), please identify at least three areas of specialization from the following:
    Cultural and Literary Studies, Performance and Fine Arts
    Diaspora, Transnational and Global Studies
    Politics, Economies and Societies
    Theories and Methods

Please notethe number of applicants greatly exceeds the number of available spots, meeting our minimum admission requirements is not a guarantee of admission. Offers of admission to our program are generally made between March to July. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Magisteriate / Master of Arts Program

An applicant for the MA must be a university graduate holding a degree based on four years of undergraduate study with at least a B+ average (or equivalent). In the context of the Canadian system of higher education, this means an Honours degree. For graduates from other jurisdictions, equivalency is determined in accordance with legislation established by the Senate of York University. The grade point average is assessed over the last two years (full-time equivalent) of study.

Doctorate / Doctor of Philosophy Program

Graduates with an MA degree or the equivalent from a recognised university, with at least a B+ average, and in a field of study relevant to graduate work in Women's Studies will be considered for admission as Candidates for the PhD degree.

Note: Note: Applicants are not expected to find an advisor or supervisor prior to acceptance in the Program.