Facilities and Resources

Student Room and Computer Facilities

The Graduate GFWS Program Graduate Study Lounge and Computer Space is located in room 202D Founders College. These rooms are available to all students for study, relaxation and meetings. The computer space contains four computer which are for the exclusive use of WMST students They are connected to e-mail and the Internet. The rooms are also equiped with wireless internet. The rooms are secured by a locking devise; the code is available from the Program Assistant.

Note: software has been installed that prevents files from being saved on these computers, so please bring a USB KEY or DISK for saving your work. Do not save to the desktop, as each night the desktop will be cleared of saved files.

Also available is the graduate student reading room, in Scott library (4th floor). This is equipped with 122 seats at tables, in carrels and as lounge seating. The room is fully covered by AirYork wireless network and all tables have YorkNet connections and electrical outlets. There are six computers and a printer with payment by standard York University Library print/copy card. The tables are equiped with reading lamps. An electronic noise reduction system has also been installed in the room. The room is fully accessible to graduate students with dissabilities. This room also requires an access code, which you can get from the Program Assistant or through the library staff.

E–mail and Computing Services

All York students can, and are required to obtain an electronic mail account through the University. These include accounts for E–mail and access to the Internet, access to the central UNIX academic cluster (Phoenix), access to the Steacie computing labs and to the York modem pool. The Steacie computer labs are equiped with approximately 200 Pentiums or PowerMacs. These facilities are open seven days a week, twenty–four hours a day, and are available to all students.

Computing and Communications Services [CCS] offers all students a Web account that allows them to create personal web pages for their academic work or to present their own ideas and interests. For further information, contact the Computing Services Help Desk, T128 Steacie, 736-2100, ext. 55800.

Note: All official communications from the Faculty of Graduate Studies or the Graduate Program Offices or any other University office will only be sent to official York University e-mail addresses.

If the graduate student has not yet opened up his/her York University e-mail account, and because of this misses the information being communicated, the responsibility will rest with the student. (Schulich students are exempted from this as they have a system in place for required e-mail accounts.) Students will be expected to check their York account on a regular basis to see if they are in receipt of official communications. Again, if graduate students do not check their e-mail accounts regularly, the responsibility will rest with them.

Please visit York University - Current Students to activate your e-mail.

Student Mail

Student mail is available in the Student Area, Room 202E Founders College. Each student will have a mailbox there for receiving communications from the Program as well as internal and other mail. The room is secured by a locking device; the code is available from the Program Assistant.

Note: All official communication from the Program Office to students is by e-mail. Please let the office know if you cannot get access to your e–mail so we can make other arrangements.

Student Business Cards

Students that wish to print business cards may do so at Printing Services, located near the Scott Library. Cards must clearly identify the holder as a student and should not look like faculty cards. Graduate Student business card templates are available at Printing Services, please contact them directly.

Centre for Feminist Research (CFR)

All graduate students in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies are automatically Research Associates of the Centre for Feminist Research. On graduation, students may continue that status by requesting a letter confirming that status from the CFR.

The Nellie Langford Rowell Library

204 Founders College
The The Nellie Langford Library subscribes to approximately 100 women's, feminist, and women's studies periodicals and has substantial numbers of issues of other, often short-lived magazines and newsletters. It also houses a considerable collection of ephemera related to women, the women's movement, women's studies, and feminism, filed in some 200 broadside boxes. The book collection is greater than 18,500 items and steadily increasing.

Canadian Woman Studies/Les cahiers de la femme

Canadian Woman Studies Journal / Les cashiers de la femme is a bi-lingual feminist quarterly which was founded in 1978 with the goal of making current writing and research on a wide variety of feminist topics accessible to the largest possible community of women. The journal provides a forum in which all of us - not only university women - can exchange our ideas, personal experiences, expertise and creativity. By demystifying our communications with one another we are actively working towards serving as a middle ground between the scholarly and the popular, between theory and activism.

Research, Writing and Teaching