Graduate Women's Studies Student Association (GWSSA)


On behalf of the Graduate Women’s Studies Student Association (GWSSA), we welcome you to York and to the Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies. If you are a graduate student in the Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies program at York, you are automatically a member of the GWSSA. Woo!

The GWSSA is a social, advocacy, support and lobbying student group. Broadly speaking, we think about the politics of higher education (as GFWS graduate students, as TAs, as researchers, as contract faculty, as York University members, as feminists, as queers and gender queers, as trans folk, as women, as men, as racialized individuals, as low-income workers, as anti-oppressive and anti-establishment thinkers, and as colleagues and friends!). Specifically, we serve three main functions:

We help each other through the trials and tribulations of graduate school.

darcyWe sit on program and university committees to add our voice to issues like curriculum change. The committees range from admissions to political action to formal university-wide committees (you’ll find more information about said committees in the the departmental handbook and the GWSSA handbook).

We have parties.

As the newest members of our association, you have the opportunity to influence the direction of the program. Participating on a committee and being active in the GWSSA ensures that students share in the responsibility for their future; it is vitally important that graduate students have a voice at York University. In addition, active involvement creates a sense of community among its members that allows for solidarity and collaboration.

catsDepending on the climate of the program and the current student body, the GWSSA fluctuates in presence. What was once a more formal body with a constitution and nominated/elected leadership, has shrunk in prominence. However, in recent years, the GWSSA has experienced an upswing in energy. We are looking forward to your help to sustain such momentum. Since York is primarily a commuter campus, building community can be difficult. In spite of this reality, and in the face of an increasingly neoliberal, competitive, and isolating academy, our main priority is to foster a vibrant support network that benefits us all.

If you wish to get involved, you can contact Presently, the GWSSA is run by a rad bunch of volunteers. This GWSSA hive mind includes:

- Jolin Joseph and Gary Lee Pelletier, Co-Chairs
- Alli Taylor and Sarah Innis, Co-Social Coordinators
- Morgan Bimm and Judith Mintz, Co-Secretaries
- Marva Milo, Treasurer

Reach out if you need us; we’re happy to help.



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