Ameera Ali

Ameera ( is a doctoral candidate in the Gender, Feminist, Women’s Studies Program at York University. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Studies and is a former member of the College of Early Childhood Educators. Her current research interests encompass a wide range of topics broadly located in the areas of critical disability studies (ableist discourse/rhetoric), teaching and learning in higher education (accessibility, inclusivity, and equity), and childhood studies (children’s agency; research with children). In addition to research, Ameera is also passionate about teaching. She is actively involved with the Teaching Commons at York and is a Teaching Assistant in York’s Department of Sociology where she received the 2016-2017 John O’Neill Award for Teaching Excellence, as well as the 2018-2019 Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Valerie Andrews

photo of Master's student Valerie AndrewsValerie ( is an MA student in GFWS whose research focuses on maternal theory and critical adoption studies. She is currently working on an MA thesis entitled White Unwed Mother: The Adoption Mandate in Postwar Canada. Valerie is an adoption activist who strongly advocates for open adoption records and an inquiry into illegal, unethical and human rights abuses to unmarried mothers in Canada. She is Executive Director of Origins Canada: Supporting those Separated by Adoption and founder of Coalition for Open Adoption Records PEI, Coalition for Open Adoption Records Nova Scotia. Her works include Homes for Unwed Mothers in Canada, Crimes Against the Unmarried Mother in Postwar Canada, and most recently, presented at St. John’s University, NYC, Sales and Marketing in Modern Domestic Adoption. Valerie enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time with her children and grandson.

Morgan Bimm

Morgan ( is an MA student whose research interests include feminist/queer fandom, girlhood as a site of resistance, and the construction of gender and sexuality in film and popular culture. Morgan also holds a bachelor's degree from Carleton University in journalism and global politics, with minors in film and sexuality studies. She is currently completing her MA coursework and will be spending the summer researching and writing her MRP on the construction of gender and sexuality in interpretive fan communities. When she is not working on her degree, she can usually be found taking poorly-timed naps, indulging her wanderlust, and/or trying to make friends with unsuspecting cats.

Lindsay Blewett

photo of PhD student Lindsay BlewettLindsay ( is a PhD student whose research focuses on performativity, performance, and sex work. She is currently working on an ethnography of the intersections of sex work and mental health. She adores cats, skateboarding and fatshion.

Pat Breton

Pat ( is a PhD student, currently working on her dissertation “Violence Against Women and Maternal/Child Welfare under Neoliberalism, Ontario 1990-2012.” Her research interests include Canadian public policy of waged and unwaged caring labour, motherhood and violence against women, racialized childhoods and child rights, feminist/ anti-oppression pedagogy, and emotion/affect in teaching and learning.

Sabina Chatterjee

Sabina is a doctoral student in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies. She had the honour of working with street-involved youth for many years and was the director of antidote: Multiracial and Indigenous Girls and Women's Network while completing a Master's degree in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria. Her research interests include decolonization and accountability by non-Indigenous racialized people, critical race theory, knowledge mobilization, social justice and solidarity, and community-based dialogues exploring the ways in which South Asian diasporic communities are challenging anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism and casteism.

Danielle Cooper

Danielle (PhD candidate) examines grassroots libraries and archives ethnographically and her dissertation focuses on LGBT and queer-based information activites in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Her research is featured in GLQ: A Journal of Gay and Lesbian Studies, Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader and Interactions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information and is forthcoming in Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal and Left History. She is also a professional librarian and a founding editor of Feral Feminisms, an open access online journal.

Jenna Danchuk

jennaJenna ( is a writer, researcher, and occasional maker of things. She is a current PhD student in the Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies Department at York University where she studies art and culture produced in queer and feminist subcultures. Her dissertation addresses the relationship between historical and contemporary formations of feminist witchcraft and goddess worship communities. She is the Assistant Editor for Spiral Nature, a magazine style website dedicated to alternative spiritualities, practical magick, and exploring occulture. She is also the former Associate Editor for WORN Fashion Journal, a now defunct, independently published, alternative fashion magazine.

Daria Davydova

Daria ( is an international PhD student and a life-long migrant working in the fields of transnational sexualities, sexual cultures, sex work, (homo)nationalism and political regimes. She is currently conducting her research on sexuality and political protest in St. Petersburg, Russia. Daria holds a BA in Political Science from Vilnius University and an MSc in Social Sciences from University of Amsterdam. She is a co-editor of From Bleeding Hearts to Critical Thinking: Exploring the Issue of Human Trafficking published on-line by Centre for Feminist Research.

Pauline Fu

Pauline Fu is a Ph.D. Candidate at York University where her dissertation on Political Philosophy and Economic Thought is grounded in an unrelenting commitment to the project of Critical Theory as necessarily adequate to the present historical moment of crisis in and of the world.  Previously, she trained in History, Critical Theory, Social and Political Thought, Political Economy, and East Asian Studies, at University of Toronto, University of California at Santa Cruz, and The University of Chicago.  Her work has been generously funded by each of the research institutes cited herein all from which she holds Graduate degrees.  Pauline Fu is, furthermore, a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and former Teaching Fellow with Breakthrough Collaborative, an advocacy programme that intervenes against social reproduction.  Further information is available at the website: .

Jolin Joseph

photo of PhD student Jolin JosephJolin is a PhD student at the Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women’s studies. Her research is framed around a feminist political economy perspective on migration policy and questions of transnationalism, citizenship and migration status. She examines the trajectories of South Asian migrant workers in the Arabian Gulf through the lens of precarity, liminal (il)legality and agency. Joseph is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Development Studies, India and has worked on projects and published in the area of gendered migration flows and South-South migration. She can probably out-eat you in a sushi contest.

Crystal Kotow

photo of PhD student Crystal KotowCrystal ( is a Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies PhD student whose specific research focus includes critical fat studies, social movements, and queer affect theory. Other areas of interest include representation of fat bodies in the media, feminist theory, fat activism, critical disability studies, and cultural production. Working from a social justice standpoint, Crystal is a fat activist/liberationist deeply devoted to the reduction of fat stigma through everyday and collective resistance. As a self-proclaimed fat feminist killjoy, Crystal unabashedly takes up space both literally and figuratively with her radical body politics and wicked sense of style.

Leyna Lowe

photo of PhD student Leyna LoweLeyna is a PhD Candidate in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies at York University. Her research interests span the fields of girlhood studies, ecological feminism, environmental thought, environmental education, and feminist theories of love and the body. Her dissertation research, which combines her enthusiasm for urbanized nature and sustainability, examines gender and environmental justice in urban community-based programs for girls. Leyna is also an artist and activist who uses her creative side to stage environmental interventions around the city of Toronto that invite us to connect with, and think more deeply about our natural urban environments.

Marva Milo

photo of PhD student Marva MiloMarva is a PhD candidate whose work focuses on print culture and feminist politics in late 19th - early 20th century Britain. It examines British feminist (broadly defined) periodicals from the 1880s to the 1930s, ones that were independent from suffrage and women's political organizations, to understand their unique contribution to the development and diversification of feminist thought and politics in this period.

Shihoko Nakagawa

Shihoko is a Ph.D. candidate in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies at York University, Canada. Her research areas are gender, poverty, public policy, and social movements, and her research focuses upon single mothers’ movements and social welfare policy in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.

Veronika Novoselova

Veronika earned her MA in Women’s Studies at York photo of Veronika NovoselovaUniversity and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree. Situated at the intersection of media and gender studies, her dissertation examines the problem of gendered harassment on digital media platforms. Over the past few years Veronika has been teaching across disciplinary boundaries and developed an additional expertise in childhood and family studies.

Gary Lee Pelletier

Gary ( is an international phd student whose research focuses on queer negative affect, masculinities, and maternal theory. He is currently working on an ethnography of the intersection of feminisms, masculinities, and the North American Men’s Movement. He most recently co-edited a collection for Demeter Press on Men, Mothers, & Mothering (forthcoming). Plants and cats and sex are a few of his favourite things.

Tiffany Pollock

Tiffany is a PhD student with a background in ethnomusicology. Her ethnographic research has explored the negotiation of identities and power relations within participatory musical activities. Her current interests surround the consumption of transnational dance practices within affective tourist economies. In particular, she questions how dance is reflective of and produced through social imaginaries of gender, race, class and sexuality. Tiffany loves salsa and can often be found on one of the city's dance floors.

Ela Przybylo

Ela Przybylo ( works on theorizing bodies as they elamove in and out of pleasure, desire and erotic practice. In particular, her work on asexuality has appeared in GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, Sexualities, Psychology & Sexuality, and Feminism & Psychology. She is also the co-editor of a special issue of English Studies in Canada (ESC) entitled “Hysteria Manifest: Cultural Lives of a Great Disorder.” Ela is a doctoral candidate in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies at York University.

Vanessa Reimer

Vanessa ( is a PhD candidate in York University's Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies. She is the co-editor of Demeter Press anthologies Mother of Invention: How Our Mothers Influenced Us as Feminist Academics and Activists (Reimer and Sahagian 2013) and The Mother-Blame Game (Reimer and Sahagian, forthcoming in 2015). Her research interests include feminist studies in religion, girlhood studies, and mothering.

Naomi de Szegheo-Lang

Naomi is a doctoral candidate in Gender, Feminist, and Women's Studies. Her research takes up cultural studies, affect theory, and sexuality studies frameworks, and focuses on constructions of intimacy in popular media and queer cultural production. Her work is fueled by her beloved canine companion and many cups of decaf coffee.

Amy Verhaeghe

photo of PhD student Amy Verhaeghe

Amy is a PhD student in Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies. Her research draws on critical race theory, Indigenous studies, and queer theory to critically investigates the development of settler homonationalism in Canada.

Harshita Yalamarty

photo of PhD student Harshita YalamartyHarshita is an international PhD student, whose research interests include critical transnational feminist, and postcolonial theories, women’s movements in India, gendered citizenship, religious communities in India, migration and marriage practices, and more recently, the South Asian diaspora in Canada. Her previous research has looked at violence against women abandoned by their non-resident Indian husbands, as well as the role of law in women’s lives in India through the multiple constructions of public/private. She is a graduate associate at the York Center for Asian Research.

Tobias Wiggins

Tobias B.D. Wiggins is a Ph.D. candidate in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies at York University in Toronto. His areas of research include psychoanalysis, mental health, trans studies, and critical race theory. In particular, his dissertation research considers the relationship between trans subjects, pathologization, and psychoanalytic theories of perversion. Wiggins is currently co-directing the inaugural Summer Institute for Sexuality Studies at York, on the topic of “Perversion at the Crossroads of Critical Race Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Queer Theory.” His upcoming writing will be published in “Slow Burn: Patients’ Perspectives on the Political in Psychoanalytic Treatment,” part of the Routledge book series "Psychoanalysis in a New Key." Wiggins is also actively involved in local queer mental health communities - he currently facilitates support groups for trans men at the Sherbourne Health Center, is a lead operator for crisis support at TransLifeline, and sits on the York CUPE trans fund committee.